Great Lent Resource Page

MYSTAGOGY: Great Lent Resource Page. … [Read more...]


10 Spiritual New Year’s Resolutions for Orthodox Christmas

10 Spiritual New Year's Resolutions for Orthodox Christmas This is an adapted from an article by Reverend Fr. Brent Kuzyk, Priest of the Ukranian Orthodox Church of Canada (UOCC).  He serves at Descent of the Holy Ghost Parish, Regina, Canada.  There are many articles available on the UOCC website: The New Year is here. … [Read more...]


The Nativity Sermon of St. John Chrysostom

The Nativity Sermon of St John Chrysostom "I behold a new and wondrous mystery! My ears resound to the shepherd's song, piping no soft melody, but loudly chanting a heavenly hymn! The angels sing! The archangels blend their voices in harmony! The cherubim resound their joyful praise! The Seraphim exalt His glory! All join to … [Read more...]


Reading for Teens

Read what reviewers say about ROMAN CARNIVAL I especially loved that for the hero there were very few moments of clearly seeing what had to be done. There were many moments of not being clear on what was being asked of him. But the test was not if there was clarity of vision for the young boy, but if there was a willingness of heart to do what … [Read more...]


Sin-Infraction or Infection?

Often in conversations with Christians of other traditions I find myself explaining the Orthodox view of sin. For most Western Christians, sin is a matter of doing bad things, which create a debt to God, and which somebody has to pay off. They believe that Jesus paid the debt for our sins on the Cross-paid the Father, that is, so we would not … [Read more...]