Fr Joseph Gereige Elevation to Archpriest

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Message from Fr Joseph Gereige

I would like to thank all the parishioners of St George Altoona PA for being with me on my Elevation to Archpriest. … [Read more...]


Little Entrance

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Blessing by Bishop Thomas

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  Fr. Joseph Gereige cell 814 207 7278 … [Read more...]


A 10 Point Plan For Orthodox Living

Thanks again to Fr. Dn. Charles Joiner at for this very helpful approach to living a serious Orthodox Life. Print it out or order from the website and he will send you a booklet. Highly recommended. … [Read more...]


Orthodox Problems with Penal Substitution (Substitutionary Atonement)

Orthodox Problems with Penal Substitution ________________________________________ by Alexander Renault from his book “Reconsidering Tulip” The penal substitution view was completely absent from the church for over 1,000 years. It was only in the 11th century that Anselm of Canterbury began to introduce the groundwork for this kind of … [Read more...]


Overcoming Obstacles

We once asked an elder, "How can a person receive divine grace?" "One cannot receive divine grace unless he endures all temptations as they come," he replied and then added: "The greatest obstacle that obstructs God's grace is self-love. When God finds one's heart emptied of all desires, He fills it with His grace, which is impossible to … [Read more...]


On The Lenten Fast- St. Dorotheos

By St. Dorotheos of Gaza In the Law, God laid down that the sons of Israel should each year give tithes of all they possessed, and if they did so they were blessed in all their works. The holy Apostles, knowing this to be for the help and advancement of our souls, resolved to fulfil it in a better and higher way, namely, for us to deliver up a … [Read more...]